Even in these miraculous days of mobile satellite navigation, the good old compass is still a vital tool for wilderness travel.

It should not be too much of a surprise  that I favour a compass for navigating around this site then.

You will find this image at the base of every page.

The outer links will take you to one of my other web sites in a new window.

The inner ring of links will take you to another part of this site.

Clicking anywhere else on the image will bring you back here which may be helpful if you are working on a small tablet or phone.

The lens in the centre will take you to directly Waylandscape, my landscape photography site.

In some parts of the site you will also find a button bar at the bottom which will give extra options.

Most of the pictures will take you somewhere else as well but I’ll let you find out where yourself.

Photo Expedition CompassPhoto Expedition Compass

The Vegvísir seen here, is an old Norse charm worn so that it’s bearer would never lose their way in storms or bad weather.

On this site, it will always bring you safely back home.


Photo Expedition CompassPhoto Expedition Compass
Always find your way Home - Vegvísir
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