When I am working a location for pictures I use a variety of methods to put me in the right place at the right time.

If I am working from a vehicle, it’s often convenient to sleep in the back so that I can wake up close to my intended subject. Other times there may be no better way to to things than wild camping right where I need to be. This can only be done where it is legal or acceptable to do so of course.

Camping also requires another quantity of equipment to carry and I try to keep this down by minimising the kit to the real basics.

A sleeping bag, mat and a bivi bag are often sufficient or a small light tent like the one you see above that weighs a little bit more but makes for better comfort.

If it’s a short stop I don’t bother with cooking gear and eat well before I start. Some snack foods can help to sustain your energy levels if you start to flag. Fluids for drinking are essential and if it is cold, a lightweight flask provides a cheerful brew in the small hours of the morning. If I’m on a longer trip, I carry a small Hobo Stove and compact rations to keep me going.

Add a small first aid kit and clothing suitable for the conditions and I’ve usually got sufficient room left in my rucsack for the photographic gear I need.


You can find much more information about wild and low impact camping on my Ravenlore website.


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